TM for coordinationg a large project?

We’re thinking of managing a large site with 8 housing blocks and terrain. Models come as fbx or datasmith from Archicad, Revit and Sketchup. About once a month the models will be updated and thus the whole site needs updating. I don’t have the computer power for this but will buy it it if I can get an idea if it will work or not. Would be nice to see examples of really large projects.

Another questions is if there’s a way to get the whole model into a final viz environment like 3DS? Our visualizers are on 3DS and Corona and there will be need for high end renders of the whole site and I’m not fond of the idea that we have two separate tracks…one for viz overview in TM and one for high end viz with 3DS. I know that there will be work needed each month when we get the new models and it’s mainly tedious tasks that we’d like to avoid if we can. Hopefully someone can chip in a few ideas.


i think the project size is not the problem. For me the worst problem is to assign and reassign materials in Unreal. But i found Dataprep very useful. You define recipes for every importformat and can define texturereplacement tables. very handy. You may replace objects by better objects from Unreal i.E.
Do you mean Twin Motion by TM? The way back to MAX is not possible as i know.
But you may render very high resolution images using the Movie Render Quue
Stunning results .

Ok thanks. We will use Twinmotion since we don’t yet have used Unreal. I guess we need to test and see how it performs.