TJOC crash

how i do for fix this crash?

Hello there! I work on the UEFN documentation team. If UEFN is crashing send us the output logs if you can get them before it crashes and the .ueasset file associated with the project that’s crashing. We’ll be able to analyze the information and give you some help.

where i need to go for found the .ueasset file?

It’s in your project files here:

i dont have fortnite projects :I

Do you have Fortnite installed as well? Having Fortnite installed creates this folder under your Documents.

This also allows you to playtest your UEFN projects.

fortnite is installed but u dont have the files

Search in Windows Explorer for Fortnite Projects, if it doesn’t show up in the results, you should uninstall and reinstall both Fortnite and UEFN. Hopefully that fixes the issue.

what is it

Sorry, I replied to the UE thread, not the UEFN thread. Instead of having a FortniteProjects folder, you should have an Unreal Projects folder. It should be under Documents in Windows Explorer. There are .ini files in the Config folder that might help the engineers help you with the crashing issue along with the Output Log.

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