Title Menu with Matinee Background

Hey guys! I’m creating my first menu, and well, first matinee. Not too worried about figuring out how to do those since there are SO many tutorials. But I was wondering before I pull my hair out, can I make a matinee that background of my title menu? I’ve been looking for the past hour or so and I see loads of matinee tutorials and forum entries along with menu building, but nothing combining the two. So a direction to a post that I may have missed here or on google or maybe just post some tips etc.
Blueprints are NOT my strong suite by far!

I’m ultimately looking to make something basic and simple like this video; the main menu for Last of Us <–Skip to 0:50

Thanks in advance!

Hi JOhnRose81,

You can do this a few different ways, depending on what you are looking for. If you want the matinee to show up as a flat representation, you can project the matinee onto a plane after recording it with a separate camera. However, to get specifically what you are looking for (the Last of Us menu screen look), what I would do is create a scene with your matinee playing. Then, create a player controller/pawn with no movement, just a camera that can show your title menu widget on screen. In this way, you can get the 3D effect and play your matinee in the scene and simply have the player pawn standing with the widget in front of it. Once you start the actual game, make sure to possess the correct pawn so that you can leave the title menu and move about accordingly.

Sorry to revive this post, but if you are still trying to accomplish this i was able to get this working by combining the following tutorials:

  1. TeslaDev’s basic UMG menu tutorial
  2. Matinee Basics: Creating Your First Matinee Sequence
  3. Play Matinee at Start Issue

TeslaDev’s tutorial:
Matinee Basics: Creating Your First Matinee Sequence:
Play Matinee at Start Issue: Play Matinee at Start Issue - UE4 AnswerHub

By using those 3 resources i was able to have a looping matinee as my background with my UMG menu overlayed on top of it :smiley: