Title menu, change as game progresses?

I’ve been searching around for quite awhile and haven’t found what I was looking for, so as a last resort I’ve decided to ask on here.

What I’m trying to achieve is have a title that changes as the game progresses; more specifically, from the last save if possible. Changes would include who your companions are, and the time of (in-game) day you saved, which I believe will all be with variables.

I’m just not sure how to go about it, or if it’s even possible. I’d greatly appreciate any answers to this.

you can make a variable or array of text’s and change it overtime

Do you have saving implemented? If so you could try storing an object which tells the title menu what to display in the save file (or in a separate save file). You could create a specific object with all of the data you want to display and access it everytime the main menu is opened.

This should work perfectly,
Make a User Widget Class variable and set it whenever you want to a different widget