Tired of setting up every new project in the same way? - Custom Templates and more

Creating Custom Templates


New Level from Template - Level Editor Subsystem


UE4 Guide - UMG Templates - how to avoid User Widgets (Tefel Dev)


And finally: Specific project as asset library. (For migration into new projects)

  • Retarget all animations you use a lot to the skeleton/s you use most.
  • Setup Control Rigs, Animation Blueprints, Blend Spaces, Montages etc.
  • Materials, Instances, Textures etc.
  • Blueprint actors, components, pawns, characters etc.
  • AI, behaviour trees, tasks, services etc.
  • Functions & macros libraries, enums, structs, data tables, curves etc.
  • Sound waves, cues, Meta Sounds, mixing setups etc.
  • UMG, Widgets & Fonts.
  • And so on and so on for everything else you use all the time.

If you do it more than twice, automate it!

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