Tired of having to create a custom event to execute the event of a button OnClicked...

Why would we not be able to call these events of the buttons and i suppose checkboxes etc ?

Why aren’t they callable?

So many times i’ve tried to searching for it… but yeah. So really i wonder what anyone can say against this being implemented.

Am i the only one who tries to create the fewest custom events as well as everything else?

Does epic even view posts here? Cause personally i’ve never seen anything actually coming true.

Because OnClicked is not an Event, but an Event Dispatcher.

Then why can’t it be called?:stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly are you trying to do? If you click the + in designer view you get an event for that button (basically hooking it up as the bound event in the hidden event dispatcher). Behind the scenes it’s calling the event dispatcher.