Tire tracks in the free "vehicle game"?

I’m trying to figure out how exactly the tire tracks work. They seem to appear only on muddy textures.

All I can find out is a particle called “Tire Track” inside a particle system called “P_dirt_wheel_kickup” and a static mesh called “SM_Tire_track”, but I can’t seem to find any references in blueprints to either of those.

I’ve tried searching for these names as well inside of every .h, .cp, .cs file in Unreal Projects\VehicleGame\Source\ without any visible references as well.
Where and when exactly is the sm_tire_track being spawned?

I apologize for a incredibly stupid question probably, but I just can’t seem to find it.

It’s handled within code in Class’/Script/VehicleGame.BuggyPawn’ and you’re looking for these two functions in particular:


Basically VehicleDustType’/Game/Effects/Blueprints/Wheel_fx_default.Wheel_fx_default’ is a custom DataAsset for the different wheel FX specific to a surface, and code detects what surface a wheel is on and uses the corresponding FX to be spawned on a wheel.