Tips to build tracks

Hi! This is my first post and yes, I am a noob.
I’m trying to do a demo for a futuristic racing game and my question is:
Does anyone knows the simplest way to build a track like a rollercoaster?

I’ve been looking for similar projects and I saw that for example “Sonic game development kit” can help with it.
I’ve downloaded also “No limits 2 Demo” wich is an editor to make rollercoasters and i found it really handy, but i don’t know if i could use any of this in U4.

I made a list of pieces that i would need to build different tracks but i don’t know where to begin: Doing it all in BSP, using another editor or building all the different pieces in 3D?

Thank you!

Hi Arturo,

For your racing game, I am going to move this thread to the General Discussion threads of the Unreal Engine forums. The UT forums are specifically for Unreal Tournament development. Thank you!