Tips on learning unreal engine/game development?

I have been using Ue4 for a couple of months now, but I feel like I’m not making any progress, I feel like I cant make anything on my own without the help of tutorials, I have a lot of ideas for small, simple games but I still have no idea how to make them on my own. Sometimes I cant even find tutorials for the thing I want to make and at those times I am completely stuck, does anyone have any tips that can help? Thanks<33


  1. Learn more math.
  2. Learn some C++.
  3. Practice problem solving.
  4. Keep at it… :expressionless:

Forums like here are also a good place for content and problem solving.

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I would second this, the main thing is just keep at it. It will start to happen after a while. I reckon, I threw away much of what I made in the first year, even though I thought it was good at the time. Just keep going…

Ok Thank A lot <33

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Yes @Togonaaa ,

Remember your “why” and Keep Going!

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I remember being there,. it all seemed like a giant wall for so long, then it started to happen that I started to see connections and predict solutions, it all started to make sense and now I finally feel like I could make anything with it.

Things that made a big difference for me.

Learning that the Input panel connects your Blueprints to real world Hardware with ‘hard’ Actions and Variable ‘axis’ Inputs

Learning that one can change the base pose of a Skeleton during Import by clicking the ‘Update Base Pose frame 0’ (something like tht) checkbox in FBX Import settings.

Realizing you can have a Character in your Content folders, (like the Mannequin) drag ten of them into the Editor window, select one of the dragged copies, go into the Details, (in Editor) and see the COMPONENTS of the Character (Actor) Blueprint, with them all having that same base character in the Content (library), but in Editor, they are distinct ‘instances’ with changeable propertis! Allowing you to look in the drop down of components select teh ‘Skeletal Mesh’ component, and CHANGE IN EDITOR, so each of the ten ‘mannequins’ have their own character mesh (also, you can Copy and Paste the Skeletal Mesh Component to apply a Sword or Hair or Eyes and have it follow the same skeleton (assuming it is set up to in the first place :slight_smile: Everything on an imported character can be a separate object and that is no problem, in fact it makes the character kind of Modular!!

‘Game Mode’ not only let you decide which kind of game you want (or what kind of LEVEL you want :wink: :slight_smile: but also, what you look like, and how you are going to move around.
(problem: You bought an asset and open it and you can run around fine!! You paste some of the stuff to a New Level and suddenly you can’t run round!! In these cases, you just need to assign a Game Mode (Like Third Person Game Mode or First Person or VR Character, ) etc. You can select a Base Game Mode in Edit/Project Settings and you can override a game mode for any level by choosing one in a Drop Down in Editors ‘World Settings’ (usually over there near Details and World Outliner or click Windows menu ad check ‘world outliner’)

Animation Mode (Animation Blueprints):
For the longest time I thought it was some huge magic to have Working VR Hands with a IK Full Body in VR ,. then one say I was working with my ‘Right Hand’ and clicked Animation Blueprints, selected something like: ‘Third Person anim_BP’ and suddenly, when I gripped my Motion controller, my hand in VR would close! OMG. Epiphany / Paradigm shift time,… :slight_smile:

Whenever you learn to do something keep a folder called: ‘Learned Techniques’,
I will put in one like this (I did yesterday) as a text file called: ‘TurnOffAnnoyingToolTipPopUps!.txt’
and inside I wrote:
type ~ to open console

then for UE4 4.0 - 4.23:
Slate.AllowToolTips 0

4.24 onwards it is:
Slate.EnableToolTips 0

That way I never have to look stuff up more than once :slight_smile: I might come back and add to this, I know there are a lot of those ‘paradigm shifts’ that happened for me…

Like realizing: 3ds Max adds an unnecessary ‘Helper Object’ as a ‘root’ when you open a UE4 exported Skeletal Mesh, and one has to Unlink the Mesh(s) and the ACTUAL Skeleton Root, (deleting the superflous ‘Helper’) or UE4 will freak out on RE-IMPORT! :slight_smile:

I have worked in 3ds Max since before Windows existed and it was 3D Studio for DOS, you can always get a free copy of 3ds max by downloading the ‘TRIAL’ and using it for a month (then installing the next version for a month) - I would be happy to help if you have specific questions, I felt like I was up against a wall and completely alone when learning Unreal, it was so frustrating, people were so much more friendly about sharing knowledge when CGI was all new, it was a big adventure…
Any interest in collaborating? I work very fast (and after 30 years working Film/TV in Hollywood and at game companies) I have enormous assets from 30 years of projects, (I have collected all the amazing ‘free monthly’ assets from Epic for any many years,.)
and I come with a built in audience, I just hit 3,000 subscribers at my youtube channel (youtube dot com forward slash, then my user name NextWorldVR )

I can make anything, all I lack are the ideas and a reason! :slight_smile: I am in Northern California region not that it matters for collaborating in the digital age! :slight_smile: .

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I just wish they made a course at the Unreal Academy showing how to use and how to make the most of all the features of their developer portal. I want to publish a game in their EGStore and while I understood most of how to do it on Steam (and I can beta test it from their plaftform as if the game was published in “hidden” mode), I have for the lack of tutorials about it not know how to set up my game to upload to EGStore platform or what C++ I need to translate into Javascript for my game so that it would work with their platform, you know, a “wrapper”. Where is the wrapper?! I made the project but I’m unable to go beyond creating the product because it says I lack stuff and I don’t know the step-by-step that are needed. I’m utterly lost and I can’t still use Q&A to solve most of my questions :sob: Guess I have chosen the wrong season to start pushing forward the development of my game…

So yeah, a course about how to use their development portal would be greatly appreciated, something like “How to upload your game to the EGStore that wasn’t made with the Unreal Engine” or the sort.

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A ‘Remember why you started’ MEME POST is chosen as a ‘solution’ to a general knowledge query in 2021. :expressionless:

No wonder I had to learn it all myself by trial and error…