(tips) Looking for quest help in BP

Hey folks,

so as the title says, i need some help with blueprints. in particular quest system.

i have a VERY simple quest objective system working, however its so basic that if you do it in the wrong order, it pulls the wrong widget and thus kinda screws up the flow.

so my request is.

Is there any blueprint savants around that can help?

i am making a simple RPG style game, where you can collect quests from the quest giver/s and receive rewards upon completion (that would involve EXP or Inventory but thats not necessary atm)

the simple kill X of Y to finish.

however it needs to auto update no matter what order you kill them, so kill 5 bad guys, but there is 10 spawned, kill in any order and it completes when 5 are killed.

can’t seem to figure it out, BUT, i am to believe that there is the same system im looking for in the shooter example ? any ideas where if there is?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can’t fully understand the problem. What prevents you to count 5 kills and complete the quest?
As i can imagine the blueprint:
1.Set the targets of the quest using a Get all actors of class function and tags
2. Create a counter variable that counts down on every kill and when reaches 0, triggers a widget that announces the completion of the quest.
3. When the counter reaches 0 the quest giver character or controller BP can be informed (i would suggest to set the counter inside the quest giver.

If your problem is that the quest givers are being on other level of the one you and your targets are use a Game Instance to do the job.

I hope i helped!