Tips for managing a team?

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone here has any tips/general practices/recommended software for team and project management. These days I swear 90% of my time is spent making sure our team has what they need/knows what their doing. I can only see this snowballing as we progress.

Just some general stuff :slight_smile:

-jira is a pretty good project management tool
-always stay in touch with all team members -> regular meetings, play some games together or do something else that has nothing to do with the project (it will bind the team together)
-create a game design document which defines the outlines of your project -> then every team member knows what the goal is + what he has to do
-keep the hierarchy low -> motivates the team
-create tasks for a month/week/… and then let the team work by themselves -> just regularly check the progress

Quote for truth.

In a small team the more you try to control everything with complex systems the more likely you will find members not using such systems and making up their own.

With a small team start up keep things simple as possible. IRC, message board,FTP, and TS3 is more than enough to get things going.

Last tip. Use common sense. What works for the big boys with a crew of 400 won’t work for a team with 5 or 6.

Assuming this is a team that isn’t paid, but is trying to collaborate on a project, I would suggest reading books on Cat Herding. :slight_smile:

Slack for Chat.
Trello for general task tracking.
Perforce/SVN for sanity.
Google Docs(with addons) for design stuff.

For perfect team management, you should use a project management software. There a numbers of such tools available in the market. You can add project to them and can invite your team members. You can schedule your project task and can assign to various team members. You can have real time discussions and can check their work status.

Every meeting requires an agenda for said meeting and there has to be someone who writes everything what is said. Eventually even record the meeting.

+1 for JIRA and Trello. :slight_smile: