Tips for family & friends distribution (for windows)

I’m close to finishing my first project, it only took 6 months :D. Now I’d like to share it with family and friends, but to my surprise I noticed that the project packaged it around 8 GB big. I’m wondering what would be a good way to get my project out to them. So why not ask a community full of people with way more experience then me? Any tips are greatly appreciated :).

Hello man.
If u’re using PC version u should turn on the pixel Streaming, there are 2 way too use it in your case:
1/ Stream your project on your computer and share your Public IP with your friend ( Condition: your friend should use your wifi internet)
2/ Rent AWS/ EC2 service of Amazon, it is like your rent a strong graphic computer from Amazon and Run your project on that PC with pixel streaming and share the IP, just like option 1. But now your friend can use it any where with out having the same wifi with u. (But quite complicated to setup)
3/ The easiest way to setup. Search for Furioos 3D streaming service. Buy there service and they will do everything for u ( basically their service just like my option 2 but u don’t need setup anything, they will take care for u with a cost :)))

So hope that will work with u