Tips for creating Tetris

I know this is kind of a tremendously common thread but I’m clueless on how to approach this project
I’ve recently started studying UE4 and I now want to try to make the classic Tetris game
Most tutorials and HowTo are based only on Blueprints while I prefer to use C++ every time is possible

The first idea I had was to make an abstract Tetriminos class whose children are the various Tetrimini’s shapes (T,Z etc)
The various shapes would then be manipulated using the blueprint viewport and adding a collision box on each static mesh that’s part of the Tetriminos (the single cubes)

Yet I don’t think this is doable, mostly because I’m creating several Tetriminos objects but I don’t know how to access the single cubes when I have to check whether or not a row is filled with cubes

Any suggestion would be great because right now I’m going straight down to the bottom of the depression pit

I once made a tetris in blueprint, you can download the src here.

Fengkan tetris is a great learning resource.

Check this thread:

And check this youtube playlist: