Tips for creating a 3D fighting Game

Hello, everyone I post this “question” to now how I can start making a fighting game like One piece Burning blood.

I want to only focus on the player vs player and the style of mechanics of the game.

I want to know about blueprints and stuff that can make the demo development easier.

I let this video of One piece burnirng blood to take as reference:

Thanks for your time.

Yeah, I know…
the problem is that all the most of video in youtube make tutorials of fightings games like:
Tekken,street fighter etc…
A hack an slash like dark souls
I’ve been looking for tutorials the last few days and nothing.

I can make a list of issues :

1-Set up the 3d movementent with a Camera following 2 targets

2- Players targeting each other

3-Combo System

this are the core issues I have.

thanks for your time.

this is way to broad of a topic for anyone to really respond to. we cant really explain the basics of game development in less than 2000 characters. if you have a question about a more specific issue or topic then we may be able to help. otherwise go do some googling, study, and try the forums (i learned much when i was new by watching youtube videos).

For the People who still searching this, I let a series of videos for the combo system.


A list of tutorials for combo system done by Moize Opel:

Another combo system done by President Nelson:

For the Camera share, done by Strigifo:

Hit reaction done by CodeLikeMe:

Real-Time Lighting Techniques GDC :

UE4 Character Locomotion System by UE4Tuts For You:

Simple And Flexible Interaction System by FrinkyGames :

Character Selection Screen by BeardGames :


What Makes a Good Combat System? by Game Maker’s Toolkit

Powerful punch sound by Marshall mcGee

– My Results–


These are all helpful links, just note that the last link is the same as the third link, but either way thank you!

You are welcome.
I see i gonna change it thanks.