Tips for Choosing a Good Laptop

Hello friends. First of all. Sorry for my English. I’m internalizing the unreal engine world. For this I want to buy a good laptot (Price Quality).
What do you recommend? I had been thinking about a Mac. But I do not know how compatibility is. With windows 10 that such runs Unreal Engine 4?

Greetings and many thanks for everything.

It depends on your budget, but if you want the most power for the best price then a Windows laptop will be better

Thank you very much for your answer. Any make and model in particular?

Thanks again

It depends on your budget and your location

I’m in Chile. My budget is around 2,000 USD approximately. Thanks again.

The Razer Blade 14" (with GTX 1060 and 4k touchscreen) is good if you want high power in a lightweight shell (macbook style) and starts at $1999 (US) (I use this for work)

The Asus K501UW-AB78 is great for $799 – enough graphics to run the editor for small-to-medium levels, and a built-in SSD, which is a requirement these days IMO. (I got this for my daughter for Christmas)

The Gigabyte Aero 14Wv7-BK4 (with GTX 1060) is good value for money (with 7th gen CPU) at $1699. (I recently recommended this to a friend)

If you’re going to be doing work, you’ll probably want to plug in an external monitor and keyboard and mouse. For work, I use a Razer Core with a GTX1080, and all peripherals plugged into that. That’s probably higher than your budget, though. (Unless you go Razer Blade Stealth + Razer Core ? The Stealth is no good undocked, though.)

A stand that lifts the laptop up to be beside the monitor means you have a good 2-monitor setup for work, which is great for Unreal Editor. You can do this with any of the laptops above; they can all drive an external monitor + the internal.

Thank you very much for the help, I will see in my city if they sell any of those. The last one I would like a lot, let’s see how it goes.

Thanks again

Hi everyone. Of the following laptops. Which ones do you recommend?

Asus® Notebook K555UQ-DM007T Core i7-6500U 8GB 1TB 15.6" Full HD NVIDIA 940MX 2GB Windows 10

Asus® Notebook K501U-DM064T Core i5-6200U 8GB 1TB 15.6" Full HD NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB Windows 10

Asus® Notebook X556UQ-XO023D i7-6500U 8GB 1TB 15.6" NVIDIA 940MX 2GB Free DOS

Thanks so much

If you would choose only between those 3 then get the 960m one. 960m is not great but at least you should be able to run something at low/mid.

I don’t know chile stores but as you posted 3 times the same (that are way cheaper than your previous posted 2000$) …this one would be a lot better:

GTX 1060 laptop version could compete with desktop versions (it’s only a bit slower). 960m is far, far, far away from a gtx 960 desktop (which is even far away from a gtx 1060).
GTX 1060 laptop version should be ready for VR usually (which means a very strong GPU as you should not drop below 90 frames). 960m is far away from that. It’s like day and night. Even the 960 desktop is still too slow for that.

Benchmark on games shows the difference:
1060 Laptop: Mobile NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Laptop) - Benchmarks and Specs - Tech

For about 1400$ you should get a further MSI with 16GB ram at the same store. For 1600$ you could even a (way faster) HP with a 1070. I’m not sure about HP gaming laptops …

I agree… and because laptops with a good GPU get hot quickly you tend to put a book or something below to enable better airflow… followed by some cooler… and you ask yourself if all those wires and stuff that’s now on instead below your desk was worth that short “mobile” feeling a few years in the past … where you unboxed your laptop and put it to it’s final destination :).

However with the GTX 10xx laptop series at least the performance aspect got a lot better as their performance is a big step forwards and the gap between laptop and desktop versions get a lot smaller. But usually you could still get a few hundrets $ cheaper with a desk"top" PC that got blow your desk with all those anoying wires and stuff and enough space to breath in the summer without getting too hot too soon.

Yes, you need good graphics. 970m is OK, and 1060 is better. 960m is probably going to be OK for learning, but the 940 mx is probably not going to work well.

After a good graphics GPU, the next important thing is enough RAM. 8 GB is minimum, but you’re likely going to run into that limit at some point, so make sure you can expand the RAM, or get 12 GB or 16 GB instead.

SSD is very nice because it makes loading things so much faster. I’d rather have a smaller SSD (like 256 GB) at a higher price, than a big “spinny” disk (1 TB / 2 TB spinny disks are still super slow by comparison.)

Fourth, size of screen is important if you’re going to edit more complex scenes.

Fifth, the CPU speed is also important, but compared to the other four things, I’d actually put that last. Especially if you get a laptop with good graphics, they very seldom have CPUs that are “too slow” because the system builders make sure to build reasonably-balanced systems.

So, the lowest cost laptop that’s reasonable, on that website, would be the MSI: Tienda de tecnología en Chile | pc Factory
Note that it’s low on RAM and has a spinny disk.

A laptop with bigger screen (great if you’re not going to plug in an external screen!) and sufficient RAM, good graphics, and a SSD+spinny disk combination, is another MSI:

Good luck!

Also, it may be cheaper to add an SSD yourself. A lot of newer laptops have M.2 slots, so it’s fine to get a laptop with a large mechanical drive, and then add your own 256GB+ M.2 drive.

Screen resolution, display type, and size are really important. At least get 1080p, make sure the reviews for the display are pretty positive, getting a IPS panel is probably worth it if you are creating textures and doing at least some art.

I’m newbie here, do not know it is right to ask here or not because of the post need to be approved my the moderator first, i’m thinking about to purchase surface 4 (core i5), is it good to run unreal engine? Even though it is window but it is hybrid between laptop and tablet

The GPU is slow and was not really created for serious gaming: Intel HD Graphics 520 - Technik/FAQ - If you would make some Boardgames, Tetris, Frog, Chicken or Candy thing or something that fits on a tablet or a smartphone you could probably do something (limited) in that direction. It depends on the idea I guess. Some simple games could even make fun and are played by millions. But usually in that case it’s on android or something with an apple on it (at least this days). Just don’t expect too much GPU performance. CPU is not that important (like it was 15-20 years ago in a non-parallelized workflow) anymore. Usually you should be able to get a desktop PC with a (very) high end GPU for the same money …vs … a very, very low end GPU but in a device that could be used tablet like and would be cool if you use it on your couch.

What kind of work do you do on your laptop?

I recommend you get one of the ASUS

You can get this dell with a 1050ti and SSD for $150 less. The cons are it’s a TN pannel and an i5 vs the ASUS which is an IPS and i7.