Tips for characters to make eye contact with the camera?

I have been using the new mesh to metahuman and recorded the face motions with live link. It seems very hard to make the characters eyes to make contact with the camera as I’m rendering a sequence and having the camera move around the scene. Mostly it looks like the character is looking dreamily into the distance even when the camera is in front of them. Can someone share some tips that are beginner friendly?

Hi, did you find a solution?

If you’re using metahuman, in the face control rig, there’s node called “aim to” that can be setup to receive a location input from a target actor (vector), calculates a target rotation and rotate a list of bones using a “find look at rotation” sort of logic. Then, animating the camera updates the location variable and metahuman head and eyes will follow.

I’ll see if I can find a video example.

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I calculate the lookat in the level blueprint