Tips for a highschool student?

Hello everyone!

This is my first post. I’m currently a freshman at a secondary school and I’ve recently picked up UE4 after seeing what it was capable of! I have absolutely no experience in programming or rendering, but I do have a fair amount of time invested into video editing. I’ve spent countless weeks trying to figure out C++ and 3DS MAX and this is what I’ve produced! I know I still have a lot more to learn and I welcome any kinds of constructive criticism and/or any tips. Much of my work is inspired off of Koola… That guy is amazin’ :slight_smile:

Looks really good!
Btw, you dont need any C++ experience -> you can do everything with blueprints :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was one of the cool things that I found out about this engine; It’s really user friendly! The only problem is that I need to figure out what all the nodes do and how to use them :stuck_out_tongue:

Start with this video series: - YouTube :slight_smile:

Thanks! This playlist is really informative! :open_mouth:

Pssh, anytime I say that, I get yelled at! (P.S. I know nothing of C++, and really don’t plan to ever try learning it again, but I love blueprints. Way more up my alley)

Edit: Oh, and to OP, well done. You can definitely see the video experience shining through. Ya gonna go far, kid.

Well, to be frank, can’t watch the entire vid, where does the day go >.<

Well, first I’ll say that you’ve done a great job :wink: One thing I did notice though was that at 1:26, the shadowing seemed a bit off to me.

Looking quite awesome! I started in Secondary too, and 10 years later - still working with Unreal and trying to push myself!

Like SaviorNT, I don’t have the time to watch it through either, which is unfortunate - however I’d like to start by saying your work is coming along really well. For starters - the first thing I would say is that no Shadow is ever truly black, and there was one or two instances where I’ve seen that. I’d recommend (if you’ve been looking into the 3D aspect of things) to learn how to lightmap your objects correctly, this will stop things like: The bottom of the plant at 1:13 and the same for the couch and casting a shadow on the carpet at 1:26.

At 1:50 I recon this is where the biggest fault lies. This scene has no indirect lighting and even in a darkened contrasted scene - no shadow is ever black. There is always bounce lighting off other surfaces! :slight_smile: ( look into Area Lights, reflection cube and sphere actors, and on your directional lighting outside the window increase the Indirect Lighting Intensity to 1.0 to 6.0 and see the effects :wink: )

Please keep in mind all of this is constructive criticism, don’t take it to heart - use it as a learning tool!
Really awesome job, kid. Like others have said, you’re definitely destined to go far here.

And welcome to the community! I hope you feel comfortable! :smiley:

  • Scott.

Very nice video.

I truly thank you all for the nice comments! It means a lot to me! :slight_smile:
And thank you very much SaviorNT and Sythen for the help! I’ll take these into account for my next project! :smiley: