Tip of fishing rod to bend?

I’m working on a fishing mechanic, and have a skeletal mesh as a rod that the player holds. I’d love to be bend the tip of the rod towards a fixed location.

Doesn’t anyone have any ideas on how i might achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

I would actually do this with a static mesh, I think, with vertex colors. Give the fishing rod a material that displaces the vertices forward and down multiplied by vertex color. Then give the material a parameter that you can control at runtime, telling the rod how much to flex.

If you wanted to do this with a skeletal mesh, I would make the default straight rod, and then the “animation” would be a single frame of the bent rod. In the rod’s animtree, put in a blend node to blend between straight and bent.

That was a little non-specific now that I think about it. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with AnimTrees and SkelControls. I think in your AnimTree you can hook up the bent animation to a SkelControl, and then in UnrealScript you can increase or decrease SkelControl.ControlStrength to blend between straight and bent.

If you import the fishing rod without an animation, you might be able to control the entire bending animation in code using a SkelControlSpline.

Rope physics with some added constraints maybe…