tip about ue and windows firewall

i recently noticed a frame rate drop hiccup when running my project. it was caused by windows defender firewall.
i turned that off and the hiccup stopped. i dont know if epic can do anything about this. but i just wanted to let you guys know about this

thanks…how was it observable that windows firewall caused it? simply disabling it and no longer a frame rate drop?

well i dont use the internet very oftem so i turn off windows defender. because i think what do i need to protect myself from?
i also never have bad frame rate when i run my project. its always very smooth. but after i used the web then played my project about every 4 seconds i would have this frame rate drop.
so i tried to think what might be causing this. what have i done recently? and the only thing i thought of was windows defender was on. turning it off, my frame rate was great again.
one side note, has anyone noticed that windows defender uses alottt of memory even when its off!
i always wonder why is it using resources when is supposed to be off?

I disabled Windows Defender for a while, though I think it is not just that application that generates disruption to UE. I also think that the resource usage stats in Task Mgr are inaccurate sometimes. I remember when disabling firewall was a ‘solution’ for playing pc games, online or offline.


Good luck getting Epic to investigate unless you file a formal Bug Report (Epic stopped following the forums in 2017).
But you should make sure that UE is on Defender’s exclusion list first (false alarms from packaging can eat CPU too).
Since you don’t use the NET that much maybe you should look into stripping all the overhead and junk from Windows.
Rig performance and stability is better overall if you can kill-off AV / Updaters / Scheduled tasks / DLLhost com Apps.:wink:…ows-10.303463/

Well I wasn’t wanting epic to fix this. I just wanted to give a tip to anyone who might be having poor performance. Maybe it was just a one time thing like defender cleaning something up. I don’t know. Ive never experienced it before. But im going to keep it off any way.

Small off topic question. How is ue going to make the leap to 5 by jan when we’re still on 4.25?