Tiny Planet Blueprint Template

Hi all,

I’m kind of new to the community (second post here), but I’m a software engineer by day and hobbyist game developer in my spare time. I’ve been learning Unreal for a few months now and want to try making some plugins for the marketplace. I’m trying to gauge interest for a Blueprint ‘Tiny Planet’ gameplay template.

I’m thinking a simple third-person type template that gets you up and running with a character on a tiny planet, with the tiny-planet type movement and gravity mechanic implemented so you can run and jump from planet to planet, while orbiting the nearest planet if you jump high / fast enough. Think super mario galaxy style;


I searched the marketplace and couldn’t see anything like this yet. Would anyone be interested in something like this? What features would be useful / not? As a developer, my art skills are sorely lacking, so I’m not sure where I’d get nice looking assets to show it off in a sample level, but I think I could pull together the functionality pretty easily.

Does anyone know if project templates are an acceptable form of blueprint to sell on the marketplace?

Nice to meet you all.