Tiny life game

Hi everybody,

A little game we are working on.

Game is set in human body environment in microscale with multiple simple minigames and sandbox exploration.

We trying to combine educational aspect with fun gameplay…

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


thank you for having a look,


Nice video. Is that ingame?

yea all shots are ingame.only 2 shots which shows running people are not :slight_smile:

It’s a really nice idea, I’m sure it will launch smoothly. Good luck!

Don’t forget zombies :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t lose faith, there are so many areas of interactive experience yet to be fully explored, and your concept looks particularly unique without being abstract or inaccessible. And the production quality is outstanding so far!

Would make a very cool VR experience – are you targeting VR (interface, controls, etc)?

The game looks gorgeous! I hope it’s VR compatible

thanks guys…its gonna definitelly support VR, actually it is a main focus point right now…
we got quite lot of feedback, everybody likes the exploration/simulation/sandbox idea so we are reshuffling some things in our design…

videoblog1 :incell enviro tests




Hi everybody,

A little update after some time. Since indiegogo campaign has been unsuccessful i had to get back on paid work and i had not much time and energy left in me so not much new happened with this project lately. But my energy is restored so i started to play with some ideas again and to help me to keep motivated i decided to push for once a fortnight updates starting next Monday.

So a little Sneak peak for a first update. Its gonna be all about neurons and brain. :slight_smile:


Looking great and awesome concept, reminds me of something Will Wright and Maxis would make. Hope you find more time to develop.