Tintin - Haddock bust

Greetings UE4 community!

With this project I wanted to see how far I can push the new skin shader in terms of realism. It is also a first for me to use solely Substance Painter for skin textures. The next steps will be to include back scattering once that’s integrated (go Martin go!) and replacing the highres static hair with HairWorks or TressFX once that’s available. Hope you enjoy!

Ha, I have a Haddock bust on my desk at work. Skin shader looks great, the eyes need the same level of TLC though they are looking a bit dull and lifeless at the moment. Keep up the good work!

Gotta agree on the eyes. They look quite liveless and dead. Other than that…it looks really cool! :slight_smile: You might wanna check out the wip thread from my sig, Bao explained quite some details on how we made the eyes for our warrior character. Might help you :wink:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the kind words and the feedback guys! In terms of the eyes, I’m not entirely happy with them myself. I think it’s more the straight position at that he looks and the spec position that makes them look a bit dull rather than the shader itself. I’ll work further on them for sure.

@Daedalus51: I’m already using the same techniques for the eyes of my characters that Bao uses for quite some time now, but thanks for the tip :wink:

Awesome work!

Thanks for featuring Haddock in the stream! For the record, he was modeled by hand, no scanning involved :wink:

Just saw this on the Stream, awesome work man. I gotta ask though…how did you go about getting the static hair made? Hand-placed hair cards? Did you bake a hair sim to cards? It looks like you are using dithering for alpha? Details, please!

The eyebrows and eyelashes are simple low poly planes. The beard and the main hair are highres fibermesh exports from ZBrush. Regarding the material, I used the new two sided foliage lighting model.


this looks really cool, I’d be interested in how you pushed the skin shader? What combination of setting etc you would use to push if further - the actual options themselves don’t seem that extensive.

thank you!

Very Nice! I’d also be interested in finding out how you did the skin shader… please advise.

blistering barnacles!!!

love love love. That’s all I got to say for your talent. Eyes do need some work. But, all in all, great stuff you got there.