Timline with random float lerp coordinates

Hi there! I need your help. My goal is to make a blueprint (self) fly in a random direction from the start (from the placed in editor coordinates) when the timeline ends it goes to the next timeline with different params. When I use this node setup:

When I use this node setup nothing happens. Variables set from the EventBeginPlay. Before this it chooses a 1 of 3 meshes using Branch and == nodes. So, when I use this setups even the mesh is not visible. My goal is to make a mesh that is moving in the min X, max X and min Z max Z ranges the Y range is constant. I am “fighting” with this two days and can’t get it working, so I ask for your help.

With timelines, you have to set the start and end points before running the TL. You’re sampling the current location during the TL.

So, it’s either TL ( with fixed start and end points ), or… Interp, which DOES use a sample of the current position and a fixed target. And looks better for this kind of thing: