TimeSynth issues: Loopoing, and Starting on BeginPlay

I’m exploring TimeSynth and I’m having two major issues:

Clip Duration on the Time Synth Clip seems to have some sort of issue where a looping file isn’t taken into account - if my clip is only 2 bars long but I want it to loop, inserting 2 as the number of bars kills the loop after 2 bars. The workaround I’ve seen mentioned online is to just set the number of bars as high as it’ll go and theoretically I won’t hit it unless you leave the game running for a few years. Still, it feels kinda dirty. Not sure what’s up with that.

The other issue is that the TimeSynth Component doesn’t seem to want to play immediately on BeginPlay. It only seems to want to play on it’s Clip Quantization setting - this makes sense, but in practice it means that the only way to get something to play as soon as the scene starts is to set the Clip Quantization to 1/32. “No Quantization” seems to be broken.

Are these known issues, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @SoundGuyChris,

Currently, the SoundWave you use on your TimeSynthClip could be of any duration (for example, half a bar long), and if it is looping, it will play for the entire Duration marked in the TimeSynthClip (say 2 bars).

What’s important to remember is that the TimeSynth is not a music system, it is the core element required in a music system. In your case, you’ll just want to retrigger your TimeSynthClip after counting 2 bars in your Music System Blueprint or code.

re: The Other Issue
We are aware that currently, the PlayClip function queues the clip on the next occurrence of that time event, we hope to add a feature to Play and Start at the same time or maybe even Queue a Clip before starting the TimeSynth playback.

I’ll investigate the “No Quantization” bit though, as that may be a bug.