TimeSynth Fading Out Early?

Hi All,

So I’ve been trying to get a more accurate timing system in place in UE4 for a procedural music system I’m building outside of the engine. I saw Dan Reynolds talk about the TimeSynth and decided to follow it, however the project files were missing or are private when you follow the link in the Youtube video’s description.

This being the case, I’ve tried to just build the blue print from scratch by copying what I can see as he explains the simpler system in the video. However, for some reason the looping works, and the sounds play, but after 8 beats the song fades out.

If I play the track back in the editor it plays fine, but when it’s called as part of TimeSynth, it seems to play up. I’ve made sure my loop length is set to 32 (8 bars of 4/4, as that’s what my piano piece is).

Does anyone have any advice? Or know where I can access the project files?
Sorry if this is a noob question, I’ve not used the forums before.

Thanks in advance everyone!

@KyleWorrallMusic I’m having the exact same issue. Did you ever find a fix to this?

I actually figured it out in case anyone sees this in the future.

When you take your Sound Wave file and right click to convert to a Time Synth Clip, there are values inside that new clip that by default are setting it to fade up and down. Additionally, you need to set how long that clip is in bars and beats for it to be able to use the Time Synth features. It’s not something they show or talk about in their videos, but clearly they had to set all the clips up properly before hand.

Hope this helps someone!