TimeSynth Crash Bug + Feature Request

Hey, y’all!

First off, I have a pretty serious issue. It’s as simple as this: in a packaged game (not editor), Unreal will crash if you attempt to open level while a TimeSynth component is playing (or even after you stop it).

I took the provided Unreal TimeSynth sample project and the only thing I did was wire the “Play Hit” button to load another map, put the two maps in the packaged build, and built it. You can change maps if you don’t hit the play button, but if you hit the play button and then try, it crashes immediately, with the crash log:

[2019.12.14-21.59.56:106][355]LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: 0 [File: C:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/GarbageCollection.cpp] [Line: 1547]
[2019.12.14-21.59.56:106][355]LogOutputDevice: Error: Spent to much time waiting for FinishDestroy for 2 object(s) (last object: SoundWave None.None), check log for details

Admittedly I’m running this in 4.23.1, not 4.22, but I can’t downgrade my actual project where this is relevant, so. Any workaround or solution?

Also, looking for a feature where I can speed up or slow down the clips on a TimeSynth, but this doesn’t seem to be supported. Is there any way to work this in, or possibly as a feature in a future release? This is a pretty big one for our title.

Thank you in advance! It’s a really cool system!

I believe an issue related to level flush was fixed in 4.24. But thanks for bringing this bug to our attention!

Depending on your situation, you could look at updating your project OR if you can’t do that, investigating what sort of programming work would be needed for you to port over the 4.24 version of the TimeSynth plugin.

As far as the feature request, speeding up or slowing down is an interesting problem. If it’s just a matter of playing it faster or slower, I think that’s a more likely situation and it could be interesting for a TimeSynthClip to just speed up or slow down based on the TimeSynth tempo rather than the clip’s inherent tempo.

But playing it faster or slower would mean it would also sound pitched up or down relatively speaking. This is probably not ideal for most scenarios, so then we’re talking about this feature request also including time stretching, which is a much bigger problem to tackle.

Hey @dan.reynolds! Thanks for the reply. Good to know that an upgrade will fix the problem; we’ll bring that up to speed in a bit. Custom builds and all.

Regarding the speed up, the pitch distortion would actually be fine in our case…its a fast forward effect, and making it sound like a scrubbing video would be fine. Alternately, we could export a sped up version and switch when the player hits the button, though I’m not sure TimeSynth supports playing a clip from an arbitrary position. Any ideas?