Timespan property is not read from gameinstance

I have a FTimespan property in my c++ game instance, which is set up in subclassed blueprint class. That blueprint class is set as default game instance class.
If I set Timespan property in blueprint defaults and then get it somewhere it returns 0:0:0:0, other properties are ok.

Instead of thousands of words, here is demo project, it outputs “int prop 20 timespan prop 0:0:0:0”, when NewLevel is opened and run.

link text

Hey Yata,

Unfortunately the test project you’ve provided won’t compile on my end. What version of Visual Studio are you using?

Strange, I use visual studio 2015. Gave you regenerated solution? I stripped all intermediate and vs folders from it.

Hey Yata,

After further investigation, I was able to reproduce your issue and have entered a bug report which you can track using the link below:

Thanks for your report. Have a great day

Cool, thanks, Sean.

I believe this is still broken and spans more than just the game instance.

Addin a timespan variable to any C++ class, editing it in BP and spawning it in the world results in the value being to to 0.

This is present on 4.22.3.

This issue is still present in 4.25.4 in both C++ and Blueprint! If you have a timespan as a variable then no matter what you set it to it will always be zero when the game starts

This issue makes the timespan practically useless.