Hello everyone

I´m working on new blueprint addition to sell on MarketPlace, called Time SHIFT.

What Time Shift does?

TimeShift allow you to create a back-in-time events, with one click, (right mouse button) using static mesh with collision and physics enabled.

What you guys think about it?

Here the list of all videos:



Thanks in advance.

Looks cool. Does this work on Destructibles?

No…I´m already try it, but seems the destructibles chunks need to be accessed via C++ code directly. I make alot of research on this…:frowning:


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]New video series in


Any opinion is welcome :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

I see nice potential if you can add Destructible Mesh.

Hey, Dante. I´m planning to add this feature in next version :slight_smile: