Time's short and I need help. Makehuman and rig related stuff etc.

I’m developing a horror game and so far, most things have been a piece of cake.
There is one thing though that I’ve had HUGE problems with for so long, that my mind’s a mess.
I’ve tried so many ways and things and fail. I think I’m to messed up, that even simple solutions may be hard for me to grasp.
A character, using the rig (3rd person) in UE4. Simply wanted to use the custom character’s appearance with the existing animations that can be found
in the Starter Pack. It’s been a pain and recently I managed to create quite a decent character via Makehuman, but the existing builds no longer have the UE4 rig and the current existing game rig in makehuman doesn’t have enough joints. I’ve tried following tutorials. Even building rigs from scratch. Can anyone offer me either the simplest way to export my makehuman character to UE4 and get the animations to work with it. Which skeleton will work best if any? What options to tick when importing to UE4. If there are even simpler solutions which still includes me having my created makehuman character, I’d be eternally grateful. Anyone who helps me pull this through will be able to use my talents as a musician or a voice actor. I’ve got both good skills and good resources for those, no matter what genre.

Which version of makehuman are you using? (version + date of the nightly build)

Even if you don’t get direct makehuman-to-unreal export to work, you should be able to upload your character to mixamo’s autorigger that is temporarily available for free along with large animation collection. Upload the character and see if their autorigger works for you, then select animation you want from the store, download as “fbx for unreal 4”.

I believe you’re restricted to 10 autorigged non-fuse characters though at the moment and there’s no way to get more, but I might be wrong about that.

Using autorigger will wipe existing skinweights but can also rig clothes for the characters. The result might still need manual tweaking later.


if your willing to create your own animations, you are free to use the rigg i created in blender… its available in my signature link.

Saying that, the latest version of make human should allow you to choose the Unreal Rigg, and then all you should need to do is export as a .fbx, then import it in to ue4… just make sure you use the existing rigg in Ue4 to get it working with the existing animations.

But if your planning to release your project (portfolio/ Commercial .ext), i would recommend doing your own animations as it will make the end result will feel more solid.

Might suffice more than well enough. Basic stuff will be enough for a fair presentation with a prototype character, which I later on will recreate from scratch with own animations and such. I’ll most definitely look into that! Thanks a lot! Greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

The most recent version of makehuman doesn’t include UE4 rig, as OP said. They also nuked mhx export completely.

I gotta say that doing animations by yourself is sorta difficult, even with something like rigify rig, unless you have loads of experience. While you can animate stuff with IK, getting it right takes time, and ground locomotion alone can easily require 17 clips, plus it won’t look good as mocap.

So unless animation is primary focus, might be easier just to use something like mixamo store. It is free right now, so there’s nothing to lose.

Anyway. I was able to import default makehuman female into unreal and retarget animations for the model without issues. See attachment.

Export (makehuman version r1963 from 20151029):
Select “Game Engine” skeleton on Pose/Animate tab.
Export as fbx (file->export)
“Filmbox fbx” format, Scale Units: centimeter, “Feet on ground” checked, “Binary fbx” checked (probably not necessary), “helper geometry” unchecked.

Import: Click import button in content browser, select “FBX skeletal meshes”, navigate to the file, import and wait. The importer will automatically pickup textures and materials.

Retargeting. Follow this tutorial:

Reimport manager automatically picked up every bone in the skeleton, so doesn’t look like there’ll be any issue.

Now, unreal retargeting quality is not very good, so it would still make sense to upload the char to mixamo and grab every animation you want from there. You shouldn’t need to use autorigger in this case, IIRC you can tell the system to use existing skeleton at some point.

I have make human 1.0.2 and I have no unreal engine skeleton selection for my models? am I missing something or maybe something I can go download?

You need to download “unstable” “nightly build”. 1.0.2 is old, and makehuman team apparently isn’t planning to update it in this century.

Unreal skeleton was present in nightly build from May. In current version it is removed, but you should be fine using “Game engine” skeleton.

I used Game Engine Skeleton and when I try to use that and retarget the default ones it squishes them:(

That’s because unreal animation retargeting system is not very good. You can get decent limb movement results by using “Skeleton” retargeting method (it is 3rd option from the top), but you won’t get any root motion information if you do that, and the model will just pretty much float in midair.

So in case of trouble either use external service, like mixamo, or fix animations yourself in something like blender3d.

How do I use Mixamo to do animations because I don’t have money to pay for their animations atm.

So I am using Fuse 1.3 from Mixamo and getting stuff somewhat done that way but have ran into a new problem. This problem can be seen in the image below. The animations that I have downloaded with this mesh that are also an FBX file are not working either. Help please. c9f4ed9ac2199caf5a9c95002dcbafde0a687d0b.jpeg

DragonMaster, you need to export as “FBX Unreal”. The visual distraction you have above shows that you queued a standard fbx. When you queue for download you can pick from a DROP DOWN list FBX Unreal … Good Luck!