Timers stop after a while

So I set a few timers… that emit projectiles at 0.2 sec or so. They sometimes stop. This is a consistent behavior, although I never know which timer stops… where… why… seems random.

So I used a timer for the player shooting as well, and sure enough, at random intervals, but quite often, the shooting is discontinued, despite me keeping the button pressed hard… so I have to press shoot again.

This is my setup:

and inside the Function:

You don’t check the overlap against a particular actor ie the player. With this set-up anything moving through the trigger box could potentially start or stop the timer. This might be the reason it seems “random” to you because depending on what world objects/actors you have in your level this can be triggered by any number of “things” when you are expecting it to only react to a player character or specific actor.

Basically it is 2 things, first is setting up collision properly. Here is tutorial I made it goes over mainly how to do the overlap events but I think you can figure out whatever else you may need from it.

The second thing is actually using “cast” nodes to check for what type of overlap you are having. So the player character is a “pawn” for overlap settings by default which if you look at the right hand details panel under collisions you will see this pre-sets certain things to overlap and others to be blocked by the pawn. Casting will help clarify if you only want the “player” pawn to trigger and event or “any pawn” say an enemy AI to also be able to trigger the event assuming that the event is to be triggered by a “pawn class” overlap.

A very simple explanation of the settings it this:

Block: will not trigger overlap events, the actor will not be able to pass through objects it is set to “block”, this will work with Hit events though if enabled
Overlap: CAN trigger overlap events if the setting is checked “enable overlap events”, either way the actor will be able to pass directly through any actor it is set to “overlap”, not compatible with Hit events
Ignore: Will not trigger overlap events even if the setting is enabled, will not register hit events even if the setting is enabled, will not interact with traces or anything for that matter

awesome, thanks! I have some issues trying to figure out how to tag things… in Unity it was much more traightfwd. here… there’s some obscure tagging system, nobody seems to use it… and the ignore-overlap-block collisions seems very limited and boils my brain. basically I dunno how to tell an object to only damage the player… while also colliding with everything as expected. so on… I’ll try to figure this out tomorrow. thx for replying!

In theory I think I understand how block and overlap work… but in practice it doesn’t work at all. This whole issue got really complicated… I worry it will lead to some serious bugs later down the line. There’s also way too much manual setup. In Unity I was just setting tags and I was working modular, in a simple way that I could control. In Unreal it’s all very custom and it already got out of hand, with a very simple project. Maybe I just need to go to sleep… I’m 8 hours past my bed time… O o I’ll watch your video tomorrow. Thx!