Timers and Tick?Change in time dilation

Hello there. I would be very grateful if someone could help me out on my issue. In the game im making i deal with a lot time dilation and slow motion (either for effects or hit pause effects) and also i require very exact timers for certain things like (invincibility or etc) . Timers are perfect for this senario because they are fps independent but my issue is when i adjust time dilation to a small number and a timer has already started (for example with delegate of 0.01s), the timer will run slower and the timing will not be exact. So my solution was consider global time dilation in timer-> so my timer variable +=(0.01 / global time dilatation) in timer. but this is very buggy . because if for instance i set global dilation to 0.001 the number added to my timer variable goes very high. Is there any way to deal with this ? using tick is a alternative but its not exact in small numbers.