Timer with Delta Time


I have an object holding system where a line trace is sent by the player and if the hit actor has a certain tag then player can hold the object. I made this possible with a physicshandle and I decided to update its location only when line trace is successful to hit the certain tagged object and until player drops the object. I set a timer to update my physics handle location so that I could hold the object in desired position. But when I testplay it physics handle is not holding object in the desired location. (Sometimes launches it, sometimes doesn’t respond to character movement properly). If I use event tick to update physics handle location it works perfectly. Since I try not to use event tick that much I want to make it work with a timer. Any ideas what might be wrong when updating Physics Handle Location?

Thanks in Advance.

Well, looks like PickObject Function gets activated before timer that’s why location update is delayed sometimes which causes weird movements of the object. Putting another PhysicsHandleLocationUpdate function before PickObject solved the problem.