Timer not working on server (but ok on testing environment UE)

Hello guys!
I have some issues with a Timer… It’s correctly working when I test it under Unreal Engine but when I try this one mod on my server, it doesnt seems Tick at all!

Here I set my Timer on the Begin

And here it’s the “OnTimerTick” function called by the Timer… But no one of my both broadcast fires! :s (the “onAdminSendScan” is another call from an UI… but dont works neither… I will open an another topic for this one ^^)

Some ideas? Thx xD

You should add a delay function right after Event Begin Play in between it and the has authority bit.

Oh yeah! Good idea! Will get a try :slight_smile:

It works, thx a lot!

Hvw much is the delay set to?

Just the default delay. Simply add the function of delay to execute directly after the Event Begin Play.

Ok thx. :slight_smile: Im rather new to this. But the “OnTimerTick” is that event run every 120 sec as the timer is set to?

That one I’m not sure. It looks like it though.