Timer lets you set tick interval, so what is the default tick interval of an event tick?

What is the tick interval for an event tick?

In a timer you can specify the tick interval.


I was just curious what this time interval is for the default event tick in the event graph.

Tick typically runs every single frame.

Hmm, if I set a timer to a tick of .01, do you think that is faster or slower than the event tick?

depends on FPS.

Do you guys think overall I should use event tick instead of a timer that is set to .01?

Depends on the climate in Delphia on Antarctica’s southern shore.

At 120fps, your tick time would be 0.00833~, at 60 fps 0.01667~, at 30 fps it would be 0.0333~ and so on. Or 8, 16 and 33 ms accordingly. Or 1 second divided by the amount of frames you’re getting per second.

And whether or not you should use event tick is down to what you want to do with it.

If you want the delay to always be the same length, use a delay node. Tick is incredibly inefficient anyways, and frame rates can vary greatly during game play. Most things don’t need to be ran every frame.

So if I want to use a timer to be efficient, the minimum I should set the timer is to say 0.05 or 0.06? It seems anything less than 0.05 and I might as well just use the event tick I think.

What are you trying to trigger?

Why would you set a timer to such a small value? I mean, you should know yourself how often the timer should tick. The “Time” input is seconds. So 1 would each second
and if i’m not mistaken, the Timer also takes framelags into account.

The EventTick is designed to be used for constant calculations. If you need to fill a Stamina Bar, then you could use the tick.
But you always need to multiply the number you are adding or subtracting by DeltaSeconds. Because it does not tick every second, but every frame.
Multiplying it by DeltaSeconds makes sure that you will add the correct value each second. So if you want to add 1 each second, just add the DeltaSeconds.

If Tick would tick every second, DeltaSeconds would be one.

Most of the things you do and create don’t need constant ticks. I have huge projects that did not touch the EventTick at all. Maybe a small timer
or a timeline at some points, but nothing is using the TickFunction every time.

So think about what you want to achieve with that timer and then you can answer the question about the Time or the overall need of that Timer.