Timer Interaction Doors

Now this is my question.

First** I KNOW** how to make a door open and close when you press it with lets say F.

But can someone help me, I want to have a** timer** for like 5 seconds that I have to hold** F** until the door open.
If I let go the** timer** will restart and when I want to press** F** again it will count from 5 seconds
And when the timer is done the door opens.
And I can close it like normal but I dont need the timer to open it again.

Think of it as a lock on a door and you need to pick it.

Also when I pick those 5 seconds, I want a 5 second timer to show on screen.

Please help someone :slight_smile: and thx.

Sorry for my bad english.

Hi ,

You can use a “set timer” node that ticks every second on a gate. The gate is opened when you press F (in this case). Within that gate do a integer increase for each second (set integer (Var): Var + 1), after this set do a branch that checks to see if the var is >=5. Once this is true, run your door opening script.

Hi ,

I see that this conversation is going on in another link here:

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