timer inside a condition of a state machine ?

i have a state machine that i want to go out of it in 3 seconds . is there is a way to put a timer or a delay inside a condition of a state machine . i cant use the remaining ration because im using 1 frame animation inside the state mashin. thank you .

If you need the animation to last 3 seconds, force the animation not to loop yet last 3 seconds…
since its 1 frame you can delay it all you want.

thank you i think your suggestion will work well but i hoped if there is more efficient way to do that to add some randomization to the transition delay time .

Assuming you have an argument to enter the state you can set up a delay nod in the event graph as the “can exit” argument.

Not sure how a 1 frame animation works, but what I would do to implement this:
When you select a state inside of a state machine, if you look to the right pane, you can input a notify event to fire when the animation is blended. I would tie the event trigger to a delay that sets a variable that your state machine checks for when it is met. I will take pictures for you tomorrow if that helps.

wow i think that’s exactly what im looking for . setting a notify event is the only way i think to fire a logic inside the anim graph . thank you so much really happy i asked .