Timer, FunctionLibrarys and Paramters

Hi there,

just a (quick) question :slight_smile: . Im currently working on some kind of protoype of a magic system. I have run into a problem and need a bit help or a guide in the right diection.
To keep it short an simple:

  • Is it possible to use functions from a FunctionLibrary as the paramter for “Set Timer”?
    -> If i enter the Name of the function and set the Library as Object or the current Actor it won’t work.
    sayhello is a function from the Library “EffecLibrary”

  • Is it somehow possible to add an additional parameter (of fixed type) to the “Set Timer” - Node?

Basicly what i need would be something like this, the last Parameter is not a must for me:

I hope someone has an idea or can tell me that im wasting my time. Anyway thanks in advance for any input.