Timer By Event - Delay on first loop

I have a timer by event node that handles my stamina increasing after stamina use stops. I want a delay on the first loop through so stamina doesn’t increase again immediately. I cannot put the delay before the timer as this causes a delay in clearing the “Decrease Stamina” timer event. I have tried putting a boolean to check if it’s the first time but I guess it loops every 0.05 seconds regardless and it’s skipping the delay. How can I get this delay implemented?

If you just want the stamina to recover over time after a set period after use, can’t you just do this?

I solved the issue! I created a boolean called UsingStamina which I set to true every time I, you guessed it, use stamina! And then I set it to false on the increase event. When increasing I do a check in the loop to see if it has become true and stop the event if it has

This solved it

You could also block it using DoOnce node, this way the gate will stay closed for the next iteration until the delay node finishes.