Timer and Button Mashing

Hello everyone I am trying to make a Button Mashing phone/tablet game.

I need a Timer that counts down from 15 seconds, and while it counts down I want the players to mash their own button as fast as they can. At the end of the 15 seconds I want there to be a counter that shows who hit the button the most.

I’ve tried just about every tutorial on Timers in Blueprints that’s out there, so I now I’m asking the community.

Thanks guys and gals

So at the core, you need a Boolean variable to toggle recording, an event to reset the count, and a display.

When you want to start, make the boolean true and reset the count. You can either use a timer or a delay node to wait 15 seconds, then set the boolean false and display the number. When the button is pressed, if the bool is true, increment the count. (node increment int). As for the countdown, you can either do that in a loop or a timeline. I’m a bit too tired to go into more detail, if this didn’t help I’ll post a literal example tomorrow.

Ok this is a good start. The Mashing part seems to be straight forward. As for the Timer I would a little more detail, if you would please.

Thanks a lot

Oh that’s cool. I actually didn’t know about those two timer nodes!