Timelines not executing when they should, End Overlap triggering incorrectly... help?

I seem to be having an issue where capturing an input causes the EndOverlap event to fire, terminating a timeline in progress and playing a new one when it shouldn’t. When I press the ‘E’ key to activate my Blueprint and execute a timeline for the cabinet doors opening, the animation only gets part way before suddenly stopping and playing the reverse animation reserved for when the player exits the trigger volume… even though the player is still standing in the volume. It’s as if activating the input is the same as stepping out of the volume, and I really don’t know how to solve it.

I’ve included a screenshot of the entire network and logically it should work, but for some reason it doesn’t and I’m running out of things to try. The Green section is the BeginOverlap event, which should enable input for this BP and display the tooltip to press ‘E’. The Blue section is the input event for ‘E’ - animating the cabinet doors open, disabling input, and hiding the tooltip. The Red section is for when the player walks out of the volume, which should disable input, hide the tooltip, and close the cabinet doors. Any ideas?

Additional info: Not that it should matter, but the timeline for opening the cabinet doors (3 seconds) is not the same as the closing timeline (8 seconds). The animation seems to interrupt at around the 2 second mark before somehow triggering the End Overlap event and then re-displaying the tooltip. I can also spam the ‘E’ key and never get the doors more than 66% of the way open. Isn’t that weird?

Brilliant. I neglected to look at the cabinet doors generating overlap events. Once I unchecked that box they began working perfectly. Thank you!

I don’t see anything really obvious wrong with your blueprint so here’s some troubleshooting things I would check or possibly maybe you will get an idea of what to look for that could be causing the problem.

Is it possible that your trigger volume is changing or possibly getting a trigger event from the doors moving?

Is the trigger volume some how attached to something that is moving?

Do the doors opening possibly move the player (push,physics etc etc)?

Do you have you tried debugging right at the end overlap so poke around and see if there’s something happening in the scene very fast like the player popping or the trigger volume?