Timelines In Cpp Or In BP.


I use both Cpp and BP in UE4, I really like BPs but I am what I am, A programmer and in the end from whom clients would expect C++ from my work.
up till now I have been using BPs for Animation BP and Timelines, Rest is done in Cpp. Sometimes I even prefer to do AI in BP if it uses BT, If just FSM than C++ would do.

I am looking to convert my whole pipeline towards C++, Timelines are something that is my first target and I have been doing some examples but at the end of the day it is just Too much code for something very little and something that can be done in 10 sec inside BP.
Same goes with AnimBP is it really worth it to know my way around Timelines in Cpp? So, far my experience says No. but I want to know others view on this if there something I am missing that Timelines would be great in C++.

Because at the end of day I prefer to work smart not hard I would just Create a BlueprintImplementableEvent and Call it in BP where Timeline can be executed it is easy enough.

I can learn Timelines just as a show piece and in case someone demands it Or I can save my Time and should spend it learning procedural generation.

Well, it’s actually depends on your work.

If you are working on some reusable module, and the timeline is easy abstracted in your c++ code, then you should write it in c++.