Timeline with launch character to dash not working

I’m trying to make a dash mechanic like in titanfall for the project im working on. To accomplish this I used a timeline that feeds to a Launch Character node. This works fine on the server, however on the client the mech that I am trying to make dash only moves forward a slight amount.

It seems like the Launch Character node is only playing on one frame or something which is why it doesn’t move more. Does anyone know what is going on exactly? Also if there are better approaches to my problem I’d love to hear them to find the best way to make a dash mechanic.

I ended up replacing the launch character node with a SetWorldLocation, that with some logic change did end up making it work. Now its just a bit choppy which I’m gonna have to smooth out.

Hi !
Don’t know if it can help but I’m doing the dash like that :
The lerp node should render the dash less choppy.

Hey Kenny, did you manage to get this working smoothly on the client? Cuz I actually more or less did the same thing, but my dash is still a bit choppy

Mmmhh, I don’t know much about Client / Server events.
I plan to learn it correctly but not now ^^’

Sorry, I hope someone will help you…

Thanks man, I hope so too…