Timeline vs "that" retriggerable chain BP. Which will cost less?

Hi guys

I’m still (my bad) dont study Profiling in UE, so i can’t say exactly which will cost less computing power: one timeline or “that” code in the picture.
So as you can see there’s a 2 chains with retriggerable delay. During all what** Branch** nodes only 1 chain can run an a time, which is good for performance. I’m also can add 1 **Branch **for second chain with some Bool, so they all will be “shooted” only then they are needed, and stops if whey not.

Yes, I know, just 1 timeline cant make any performace issue, and that my BP also cant, but im not really a programmer guy, im dont know that exactly happening in the BP background, so when i do something im trying to keep performance in mind at every steps i do.

Interesting question. Why don’t you just measure time to see for yourself?

UE4 brings very complex profiling functions to measure such questions exactly:


The advantage is that you’ll exactly be able to tell how many CPU cycles a function uses - so even if you’re the king of nitpickers you can’t have it more exactly!

If you’re not such a nitpicker and just need a value that is okay with 6 digits after the period then this will yield something like 0.162314 seconds.

“GetGameTimeInSeconds”. I have attached a simple example that measures the time between clicking and releasing left mouse button.

Keep in mind exact times will change when you compile the game. If you compile blueprints to C++ in the cooking options they will also perform faster.