Timeline switching

I have a camera setup that focus on the top of 3 squares, when the player clicks the down button it sets the segment below it to active (Middle) and if he presses up afterwards it sets the top on to active, I wanted to use a timeline to smoothly move between the blocks, I have it as a float track going from 0 to my desired Z value. It works sort of, but it keeps reseting back to the value of 0 and then animating from that location. Where as i want it to flow/start from the last Z value, how would I do this ?

What I would do is setup two variables, a startpoint and an endpoint. From there, I would use a timeline to drive a Lerp. The float in the timeline should go from 0 to 1 to drive the Lerp. Everytime you call the timeline, you set the start and endpoints and then start the timeline at the beginning.

So this is what i tried to setup I don’t 100% understand what you mean(I don’t know much about math nodes in UE4 or how to use them)

As you can see I have a third one setup but I wanted to work two out for now.

The camera focus on each block when you switch between them I just wanted it to pan smoothly between them.

So I continued to work further and got this result.

It works Kinda it will swap between each camera but not transition between the last location (I tried to store the last location when the timeline is finished to then reuse it)

Hi, that’s not the answer to your question but I don’t know how to appeal.

A problem happens with the timeline in my unreal project. When creating or opening a timeline, you cannot edit its content.

I don’t know how to solve it, if anyone can help me, I appreciate it.

In two open projects, one older and with more stuff, and one just created. The former has problem. In the newest, you can edit the timeline. Timelines already created work when playing, but you cannot edit or create new timelines.

Video: Unreal 4.21 - Timeline Bug. - YouTube