Timeline Skips Values When Transitioning Options

I am making a step zoom with a timeline node. It changes the FOVAngle with values of 90, 66, 43, and 20. However, it skips entire values in situations like this: I am zoomed in at 43 with option 2 (which goes from 66 to 43), and I want to reverse back to 66; since I am already at an option which begins at 66, it will skip the values from 43 to 66 and go all the way to the beginning of option 1 (which goes from 90 to 43).

Is there any functionality of timelines that I am not considering that could help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Here is the blueprint:

This is the most relevant part,

I haven’t mediated deeply on your graph, but there might be something hinky going on with that select during update. If I was to make a similar graph, I would go down the road:

Maybe give that a go, while I ponder this…

EDIT: And maybe also use Play, rather than Play From Start.

My timeline has a length of 0.75 seconds and each value starts at 0 and ends at 0.75, so that’s why I Play from Start.

I know you gave me an unfinished concept for me to work with, but just to illustrate the problem further, when I use the mouse wheel for the first time, the index becomes 1 so A = 66.0 and B = 43. So it does what should be the second step zoom on the first go.

Is there a way to use Lerp with more than two elements? I was thinking of having a two Select nodes, each with all the FOVAngles but that leads to the same scenario of skipping values.

Your main problem is the jumping that’s going to be happening when you switch ranges. I’m just taking another look now…

Ah, I get it, gimme a little while…

This is it ( not possible with a timeline, although I see where you’re going ):


Thank you so much! That is more straightforward than what I was doing too.

In case someone sees this I’ll point out that my default values in the array were reversed, so it started with 90 at index 0. Also, the default values for Current Zoom and Target Zoom were 90, aka, the default Field of View. And finally, I set the Field of View in the Event Tick part (I say that because it took me a few minutes to figure out it went there and not in the Mouse Wheel Axis part).