Timeline & schedule ?

Referring to SimCity, I want to make a timeline that can speed up and slow down, and include a schedule for events to happen. I do have a way but I thought I should check to see what other people have done. Also in SimCity the Sims have their own schedule, but at the moment that’s not as important.

Any ideas ?

I would think Custom/Global Time Dilation would be what you’re looking for. Global Time Dilation affects absolutely everything so maybe that’s too much (since it would speed up/slow down literally everything in the game), but what you could do is use the Custom Time Dilation setting on all the actors you want to speed up/slow down, so you have more control over what it affects. Custom Time Dilation is a variable at the Actor level so you should be able to do it on anything.

Yup, I’ve used time dilation to do this in my work

Great idea. I want to place more emphasis on the timeline & schedule though. Any thoughts ?