Timeline resetting location after finished?

I am trying to do a rope swing where a cable fires from the player to wherever a “hook point” is, this is done via a timeline, however whenever the timeline fires off the cable resets to where the player is facing and is not staying at the hook point.

my blueprinting part 1: Screenshot - ab6adbc7392f9ec662b523f93a60684c - Gyazo

part 2: Screenshot - 4a01a6f43c8d7490de25b159624659e3 - Gyazo

My timeline: Screenshot - cff721bf613c7ab944c010672d70ef80 - Gyazo

I have come to the conclusion it is a timeline issue, however I might be wrong.

three things:
first: Is your cable part of your character? if it is then it is tied to the rotation of the character and you will want to look into spawning a cable actor instead.
second: Can you post a video of at least some pictures of the behavior. some showing what is actually happening and tell us a little more about what you want to be happening.
Third: next time you post some blueprint pictures can you make them a little higher resolution they are a bit hard to see at their current size.

I didnt inspect long but from what I see you set world location to vector variable which probably resets it because you dont set this variable to the new location