Timeline plays no matter what (sometimes)

I have a blueprint of an actor with a timeline node, which is triggered on an Interface event.

Sometimes when I PLAY my level, the timeline node is triggered even though the triggering event hasn’t been called. Perhaps it has, and I just can’t see it in the editor. Regardless, the triggering event requires player interaction, which I haven’t done.

I do not have autoplay enabled.

Thoughts on what could cause this?


First of all you should check if the event is actually called. Maybe delay it a bit or give yourself some text output when you call it.

The next step would be to check (if it is called) where it’s called from. The less references you have the easier obviously. And from here you will have to go back bit by bit to look where this behavior is coming from.

As little help here’s the documentation on blueprint debugging. There’s a few neat tools which helped me a LOT when I found out about them!

Ah ■■■■ I did indeed. Thank you!

You forgot the link. :wink:


Thanks guys. I actually sort of solved the problem. In other words, it doesn’t happen anymore, but I still don’t know why the issue existed. I will look into it further. What I did was add a DoOnce node in front of the Timeline firing pin. Now it does run on PLAY and it runs when I actually call the branch of script. Doesn’'t make sense to me, but works.

Incidentally, I had put breakpoints on the Timeline node and the triggering event, It would pause on the thimeline breakpoint, but not the triggering node. The mystery deepens!