Timeline or Matinee?

There’s an Expose to Matinee tickbox in VIM variables. Maybe these should be updated to Expose to Timelines?

In a VIM document, the exposed variable for a Blend is adjusted via a Timeline float animated from 0-1 that has its Update pin wired to a Set Float … somewhere (in the MyCharacter blueprint I suppose)?
Well – is there a better way?

I tried a variable WalkJumpBlend … and added the skeletalmesh in MyCharacter. At the mo, mesh shows up but gives no animation.

I think Expose to Matinee is side effect from Blueprint. It shouldn’t be available in Vim(newly renamed to AnimBlueprint). It shouldn’t be available from AnimBlueprint.

The idea of setting the blend value from Event Graph and using it in Anim Graph should work, but it seems you have character Blueprint and Vim. If you’d like to communicate between two, you will have to use interface. If one of your blueprints (either character or Vim) is based on native class and if it’s exposed, I think you can use cast to access the variable. SkeletalMeshComponent has AnimScriptInstance, that you can cast, or AnimBlueprint has TryGetPawnOwner that you can access. If it’s not native, you can create Interface and implemented in one side, access via the interface.

Let me know if you need more info.