Timeline not working

As you can see the Timeline does get triggered but doesn’t call the update exec.

Anyone knows how to fix this?
Any help is appreciated

Only “loop” is checked

Then let’s just update -_-
Thanks for your time!

In your timeline, can you uncheck “use last keyframe”?

And the time is not set to zero I assume? Hm… did you recreate the node, because in 4.16.2 everything works just fine and chances are pretty low it’s because you are using 4.15.

Timeline doesn’t edit.

Hi, that’s not the answer to your question but I don’t know how to appeal.

A problem happens with the timeline in my unreal project. When creating or opening a timeline, you cannot edit its content.

I don’t know how to solve it, if anyone can help me, I appreciate it.

In two open projects, one older and with more stuff, and one just created. The former has problem. In the newest, you can edit the timeline. Timelines already created work when playing, but you cannot edit or create new timelines.

Video: Unreal 4.21 - Timeline Bug. - YouTube